Saturday, December 28, 2013


How far along: 5 Weeks.  

Size of baby: Appleseed! 

Physical symptoms: Sore bewbs and bloat.

Starting Weight: 105lbs.
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Nothing yet. 
Maternity clothes: I've been having to do the hair tie trick lately.

Stretch marks: Not yet. 

Sleep: Good still!

Best moment last week:  Noticing more symptoms. 
MovementNot yet! Just some gas. Woohoo  
Cravings:  Nothing lately.

Gender: I'm not sure anymore.

Labor signs: Gah, no way.

Belly button: In! That wont be changing for a while.
What I miss: Buttoning my pants.

What I am looking forward to: Ultrasound in one week!

Milestones: Everyday I get a little further than previous 

Monday, December 23, 2013

Beta beta beta

11DPO - 17.9
13DPO - 74.9
16DPO - 341

BAM. We are pregnant. I have an ultrasound scheduled for Jan 6. I am so beyond thrilled.

Saturday, December 21, 2013


How far along: 4 Weeks. 

Physical symptoms: Mild cramping, feeling fuller after only a couple bites..

Starting Weight: 105lbs.
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Nothing yet. 
Maternity clothes: Nope.

Stretch marks: Not yet. 

Sleep: I am waking up way too early for my liking.

Best moment last week:  
Movement: Not yet!  
Cravings:  Hm.. Hibachi Veggies. 

Gender: I think boy. Again. Oh dear!

Labor signs: Gah, no way.

Belly button: In! That wont be changing for a while.
What I miss: Sleeping until 7.

What I am looking forward to: Monday's third beta draw and hopefully scheduling an ulrtasound.

Milestones: Making it to 4 weeks. 

Friday, December 20, 2013

Double, double

I got my beta results back today. On

Wednesday they were at
17.9; 3 weeks, 4days.

74.9; 3w6d.

OMG!! That's a doubling time of 21 hours! I am so beyond thrilled with this. Considering my wondfos weren't turning darker, I was getting very cautious about this pregnancy. Turns out, wondfos just suck. Talking to some ladies I found out that they had the same issue with their wondfos not getting darker.

I probably wont stop testing yet though. I go back in on Monday for a third beta to double check everything is still moving along. I will probably stop after that result.

In other news.. Tonight is the night before my dads wedding. My brother and I are going to dinner with everyone. I suppose it'd be similar to a rehearsal dinner? I'm not too sure. It's at a Mexican restaurant about 45 minutes away. Should be interesting considering my kid has been a crank pot lately. Oye.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

MerryFuckingChristmas to me!

Cycle/Month: 22/23. 

What we did: I tried not charting but it didn't work out very well.. We hit -3, -1, O. I started temping just before catching O. Nothing special. No propping hips. No laying for 20 minutes. No special anything. 

Symptoms: I've had the most outrageous symptoms that I never have. Nausea, sore boobs, super bloat.. As well as AF like cramps somewhere around 6-8dpo. My chart is also triphasic. For once it actually means something. 

How I told H: I told him he needed to clean the litter box then stuck a pee stick in his face. We kissed and then he said we're done after this. Hah. We agreed we're not sharing the news until I'm out of first tri. 

Mush: I love the shit out of you people. I've made some awesome friends here and can't wait to see everyone on the tri boards. 

EDD: August 30, 2014. 

If you have any spare t&p's or sticky vibes, we could really use them. Praying to all the gods this bean sticks. 

Pee stick picture: I got suuuuuuper faint lines on a Wondfo, Walmart test, and FRER. Hopefully this works. 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

All I do is wait

I'm coming up on the tail end of the 2ww now. Sitting at 10DPO. I have the most outrageous phantom symptoms, it's crazy. Intense nausea if I don't snack all day, heartburn, extreme fatigue.. All sorts of awesome stuff.

I had a temp spike yesterday and it's still up today. I'm not sure if it's for real or just because we had a bad sleep night and I woke up/rolled around a lot. Time will tell..

Monday, December 9, 2013

The most beautiful

This is a picture of the sunset tonight when we left to the mall. Pretty sure it's a sign I've got an angel looking out for me. <3

Sunday, December 8, 2013


I am 1DPO today. I told myself I wasn't going to do OPKs and chart.. I have no will power. I tested w/ an OPK last night and got a positive. I've also been very casually temping though not really logging anything. So I'm pretty positive I ovulated yesterday. Woohoo!

I do think taking the Endometrin last cycle has delayed ovulation for this cycle. I'm CD 26 and just now O'ing. Though, I counted from the day I stopped the E and it would have me at CD18. I have no idea how I should be counting this cycle to be honest. I just don't really know. Either way, I'm starting the 2WW. We had pretty good timing at -3, -1, and O.

I was looking at a potential EDD earlier. It would be August 30th. When I was looking at another site that shows your pregnancy day by day to see when I could potentially be out of first tri and announce, I  realized 16 weeks is on St. Patricks Day. Ironically, with C we found out he was a boy on St. Patricks Day in 2011. I'm not sure why I picked 16 weeks, I'm not even sure we could hold out that long. But that stuck out to me, we could potentially be announcing baby 2.0 on the same day we found out C was a boy. Obviously there is a whoooooole lot of 'if' in this scenario. I have to be pregnant first..

Other than that.. Not much is going on for us at this point.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Werk it out

So I started a 30 Day Squat Challenge recently. Mainly because I didn't believe it would do anything to my butt. I'll be honest.. I have no butt. Period. So I started it with the idea of if it could help my behind a tiny bit, I'd be happy. I will also put it out there that I'm not changing how I eat or doing other exercise other than walking. I don't eat horribly but I definitely don't eat as well as I could. I'm following this schedule, sorta... For the most part I am. I'm doing increments of 5. While I've missed a couple days due to being sick or having a long day, I have seen some results. I've been doing them for 2 weeks now.

Monday, December 2, 2013


And not the good kind.. I got my xrays back from the Chiro today.. It wasn't very good. I have scoliosis. We suspected it from previous treatment, but it's gotten a lot worse. My neck is straight, I have severe scoliosis and bone spurs. Some of the issues can be fixed but others... Not so much.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Soft kitty, warm kitty

Little ball of fur... Happy kitty, sleepy kitty... Purr purr purr. 

We have a new addition to our family. Her name is Boots. She is a super sweet Domestic Short Hair Calico. She's the cutest. She's 2 months old and so tiny, I love it. 

We also got our Christmas tree up! Though it's only lights on it right now.. This is the first year we actually get to have Christmas in our house, I was so excited about having  tree! Boots is my Christmas present. I'm totally content with not getting anything anyways. 

Tonight we're watching The Polar Express. It's one of my favorite Christmas movies. I'm so happy C is sitting and watching it with me. This is one of the few things he has actually sat for.