Saturday, May 18, 2013


It is official. We are scheduled for IUI mid-end June. I have a baseline appt set for June 13. Oh man. It has sort of set in that we are on our way to doing IUI.

As of now.. I'm still waiting to O. I'm not temping and very loosely using OPKs. Haven't seen a + yet so I know we've still got a chance. I'll be waiting for the + and the recent sign of tender tits to prove ovulation. With my luck... I'll get none of my typical "ovulation signs" and be stuck wondering. Then kicking myself for not temping.

Keeping myself busy lately, I've been online planning C's 2nd birthday. Baffles me that it's been 2 years! I decided on a Yo Gabba Gabba theme for him. It seems to be the one thing he has a real interest in. I'm hoping to rent a bounce house as well for him. I am completely ecstatic for this party and can't wait to see his reaction.

I recently realized the next few months will go by pretty quick..

June... County fair! My moms birthday! IUI!
July... 4th of July! My birthday!
August... Anniversary! C's birthday!

Insert month of Sept and recuperating.

October-December... Holidays! And lots of them!
January... S's birthday!

It's incredible how fast the last half of the year goes by. There is so much to look forward to!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


It's been decided. Cycle 15 is going to be an attempt at relaxing and "letting it happen." What's the worst that could happen... I don't get pregnant? Best case scenario... I magically get pregnant because I "relaxed."

In reality, I need this break from temping and peeing on sticks. The last year and a half I've spent days obsessing and over analyzing every little temp spike, every line, and every twinge of my body. I owe it to myself to take a chill pill before we have our first IUI.

I'm not tossing the thermometer out just yet, just putting it in a safe hiding place. I'm not ready to completely let it go. But the feeling is quite liberating.

This decision was made in part as we weren't able to bump IUI to this month. I was really hoping to bump IUI up as we recently found out S's paperwork to transfer was approved. It is now a waiting game to see when they need him to go somewhere else. As much as I was hoping for it to be ASAP, I am now biting nails hoping they hold off until after June. At the earliest. Funny how life goes.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Cramps, Cravings, and Candy Crush

Welp. CD 1. As I expected.  This cycle 15 we are moving on to. I woke up and temped; Only to see a huge drop. I knew what it meant. As soon as I woke up for the day, the cramps were here with a vengeance.  As in, I want to sulk in the bath tub and not move.

My plan for the day... Hang out on the couch, veg out on junk, and play some Candy Crush.

I had to make a last minute run to the store for some tampons... I walked out with a little more than a box.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Just wait

I wish I had something to update with.. It's been awhile. 

Any day now I should be getting my period. As in. Tomorrow or the next couple days. I couldn't even tell you if my chart is right. So I could be waiting for another week, if not longer. 

I did have another newborn/birth dream last night. Was still a little girl. She had dark hair like her dad and liked to sleep and snuggle. This time I didn't get a name in it or much else. But hey.. Maybe it's a sign?